AirPods a příslušenství

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What exactly are AirPods?

AirPods are smart In-Ear wireless headphones that come with a wireless AirPods charger. To use them, connect these Apple headphones to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. As the model has become very popular lately, other manufacturers have made their own versions with similar features.

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The new wireless Apple earbuds were made primarily for iPhone users. Despite this, this model also allows Android users to enjoy the excellent quality. However, this is with the exception of some handy features that are only available to iOS users.

The small headphones fit perfectly with other Apple devices such as iPhone, iPads Pro / Mini or Air and iPods Touch that support iOS 10 and later versions, Apple Watch models with WatchOS 3 and later models, Mac computers with the MacOS version and support of Sierra's MacOS, as well as Apple's TV 4K and TV (4th gen).

These iPhone headphones are well known for their white colour as well as the stylish and modern shape. By investing in them, you can be 100% certain of getting a high-quality headset, both for playing several hours of music and making calls. Additionally, you can set them so that the music starts immediately when you put them in your ears and stops again when you take them out.

Activate Siri by simply pressing the headphones twice. Then you can use a number of functions such as changing songs, adjusting the volume or making a call. Due to this function, the new AirPods are some of the most functional products on the UK market.

It is also possible to use them for even longer, by charging them several times. This way you can enjoy the great features around the clock. Sometimes you may also need to charge your new Apple AirPods quickly. In that case, the fast 15-minute charge will be very convenient. A pair of cheap wireless AirPods can give you three hours of high quality music.

Order accessories for AirPods and enjoy the product to the fullest

By reading this text, you can find a lot of different Apple AirPods accessories that make it easier to use the headphones. These four groups are among the most popular accessories on our site, so take the time to check out some of them.

  1. Chargers for AirPods and other Apple devices - If you are looking for an extra power source or other new cheap AirPods chargers, we can suggest different docking stations that can also charge your other devices such as your smartphone, your cool smart watch or Apple Watch. Choose from multifunctional or wireless chargers for all your Apple devices at a low price!
  2. AirPods straps - If you want to make sure you take good care of your valuable wireless headphones, we suggest that you invest in cheap AirPods straps, which are made of silicone or other materials. They are easy to install and store, while also being resistant to abrasion.
  3. AirPods covers and cases - Buy an AirPods case designed with patterns or buy a one-color cover made especially for AirPods. With such a case or cover, you give your gadget a fine and original look with the most optimal protection. Our offer includes excellent and cheap AirPods 1, 2, Pro covers!
  4. Fitness armbands - If you love the outdoors or like to work out, then a new fitness armband is a great addition to your mobile accessory. They offer sufficient space for your phone and other accessories so you can enjoy the features of your phone while you are on your daily routine.
  5. Power banks - Having a solar portable charger, multifunctional or waterproof power bank can be very useful if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The solar charger is especially handy because it only uses solar energy to charge your empty battery. Invest in a 10,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh or 30,000 mAh portable charger to suit your needs.

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